Make your health a priority with the Health Collection. Featuring four fundamental supplements to support your digestive system, help you absorb more essential nutrients and promote wellness.



The Health Collection is a unique combination of products that work together to promote digestive function, optimize the absorption of vital nutrients and bolster your health.

Probiotic uses a revolutionary encapsulation technology to ensure more beneficial bacteria reach your gut intact, relieving occasional discomfort and supporting your overall health.

Digestive Enzymes is a special blend of 7 enzymes that helps your body break down food and absorb more essential nutrients.

Fiber contains psyllium husk and provides 15% of your daily fibre in every serving, supporting healthy cholesterol levels and helping you feel less hungry between meals.

Carb Blocker delays the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates to reduce the caloric impact of starchy foods and support your weight management goals.

The Health Collection includes:

  • Probiotic
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Fiber
  • Carb Blocker

Modere supplements are food supplements and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. People with specific medical conditions, pregnant and lactating women should consult their doctor before consuming these dietary supplements. Indian Food Regulation Compliant.

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